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MyCrimeKit is Retiring

MyCrimeKit is retiring on June 1st, 2014. MyCrimeKit has been a resource for students and instructors for textbook specific content and assessments. Pearson has invested in and launched MyCJLab in 2012, a more robust solution with objective level tracking for improved student study and instructor assessment. At that time, we decided to stop producing new MyCrimeKits. As new titles publish we hope to expand our offering of MyCJLab to all those titles that previously had a MyCrimeKit. The current list of MyCJLab titles available can be found here.

Until each product has a MyCJLab, some content, such a text specific videos, may be made available on an open access website for student and instructor use: Investing in one product going forward will allow Pearson to build better resources, a better user experience. We will be removing all content from since it may not meet ADA compliance, will not be supported by tech support, and because it lives on an outdated platform that may no longer run properly on recent versions of web browsers.

We appreciate your understanding of this decision. We apologize for any negative affects this may have on your course. Please contact your local representative to work through alternative solutions that meet your needs. For information about your rep, please click here.


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